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The best labor lawyers in Valencia

Having specialist lawyers is essential but, in labor matters, it is even more important to have guarantee professionals fully specialized in this branch of law. Labor legislation is, along with tax legislation, the one that undergoes the most changes. That is why surrounding yourself with the best labor lawyers in Valencia will be essential.
You must be aware that these are constantly updated and fully aware of all the changes that occur, both at a regulatory and jurisprudential level. A labor lawyer will be asked to anticipate any ups and downs that arise in the interpretation of labor regulations or Social Security. That is why a poor exercise by the jurist in said updating can seriously harm the interests of the client.
In the same way that when we go to a doctor they assign us one or the other depending on their specialty, exactly the same should happen in matters of advocacy. If it is difficult for you to imagine a cardiologist diagnosing stomach problems, do not turn to an immigration specialist to solve labor cases.

What are the functions of a labor lawyer?

A good professional must always follow the following list of functions. These are just some of the protocols followed by the professionals at Arranz Abogados, the best labor lawyers in Valencia.

  • They ensure the rights of workers.
  • They guarantee correct functioning within the company between the employer and the worker. Fundamental in large companies.
  • Anticipates the company in the event of any legislative modification, whether positive or negative.
  • They advise employees about their rights.
  • Prevents possible actions by Work Inspections and is responsible for complaints, if they exist, from the workers themselves or other members of the company.
  • They advise on collective agreements and other forms in order to find more beneficial options for the entity in cases of workplace accidents, for example.
  • They process dismissals and compensation.
  • They are capable of offering an advisory service in possible negotiations with the committee of a company with the aim of resolving conflicts and offering immediate and safe solutions.

The best labor lawyers in Valencia will be able to guarantee all these functions and many more.

Why Arranz Abogados? Labor lawyers in Valencia

The team of professionals that makes up Arranz Abogados is fully proven and guarantees a personalized, close and committed service.
Specifically, in terms of labor law, we have truly qualified lawyers, specialized in this branch of law, with numerous cases behind them and most of them with very favorable results.
The essence of our work is based on labor legal advice. We offer our services to both workers and the companies themselves.
At Arranz we have a maxim: we believe that the best labor lawyer is the one who anticipates. Our work is prevention through quality legal advice.
You will find the best labor lawyers in Valencia at Arranz Abogados, stop searching and contact us.


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