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Labor Law pursues equality in labor relations, that these are fair for all parties and, therefore, prevents workers from being harmed given the great capacity that companies can have over them. Therefore, it is crucial to have a good Valencia labor lawyer by your side if you find yourself in a problematic situation with your company. These professionals will be in charge of preventing the entity from having a dominant position given the size of the companies. They will work to pursue and achieve a solution that benefits their client's interests.

Arranz Abogados we are a law firm with a long history which endorses us as experts and professionals in the field of Labor Law. When the case arises in which the only alternative is to resort to litigation, a good Valencia labor lawyer will know perfectly well all the resources she must use to defend her client in court.

At Arranz Abogados we get involved in each case and assume it as our own. That empathy that we manage to generate helps us achieve positive sentences for the interests of our client because our dedication is total. And a Valencia labor lawyer must feel each case as his own to be able to stand up to large corporations with many resources at their disposal.

If you need a labor lawyer at our Firm we will be happy to assist you and study your case in depth. Our specialization in one of the legal matters with the most legislative changes, makes our law firm a reference firm in legal advice and defense in labor matters. We are proven professionals in judicial defense before the Social Courts. Our lawyers get involved in each case.

In our office, any Valencia labor lawyer who assists you and takes care of your case will provide legal solutions for you in any of the procedures we list below:

  • DISMISSAL (unfair or objective).  Whether there are justifications from the company or if the dismissal is unfair, we will ensure that you defend your interests, defend your work or obtain fair compensation for you.
  • WORKPLACE HARASSMENT (MOBBING). If you suffer or have suffered abusive behavior that has degraded you psychologically, contact a Valencia labor lawyer at Arranz Abogados. An employee must always defend himself from situations of psychological violence that may cause injury to his dignity and integrity.
  • ARE YOU. If you find yourself involved in an Employment Regulation File, go to a good Valencia labor lawyer. These processes require good professionals who know how to analyze each case and extract strategies that represent a solution in pursuit of a favorable sentence.
  • WORKING DISABILITIES (permanent, temporary and challenging discharges). We deal with cases regarding work disabilities, whether due to illness or accidents.
  • PROFESSIONAL CATEGORY RECOGNITION AND CLAIM FOR WAGES. This service will cover your demands regarding the remuneration and the position that the client occupies in the company. Our Valencia labor lawyer will carry out a study in which he will compare the situation of the employee with that of the company and will ensure the interest of the affected person.
  • ACCIDENTS AND OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES. If you need professional help as a result of a bodily injury resulting from your work or illnesses associated with occupational risks, go to Arranz Abogados.
  • RECOGNITION OF DEGREE OF DISABILITY. The cases in which degrees of disability are recognized are another of the procedures covered by labor law.
  • LABOR SANCTIONS. Cases in which the worker may incur a fault due to failure to fulfill his or her obligations. At Arranz Abogados, our professionals are experts in labor sanctions. It has a good Valencia labor lawyer.
  • SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS (retirement, maternity). Situations in which motherhood can mean a problem at work. Retirements can also be a cause of conflict. At Arranz Abogados we take care of you.
  • WORK INSPECTION. In order to guarantee compliance with social order regulations both in companies and in work centers and, ultimately, places where the employment relationship is carried out. Have a labor lawyer Valencia with guarantees.
  • HOUSEHOLD EMPLOYEES. Because domestic workers also have rights. At Arranz Abogados we know this and we seek to reduce the differences that still exist with the rest of the workers.
  • WORK PERSONNEL OF THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. The public administration has a series of peculiarities different from the private company. Our professionals know every detail perfectly.

labor lawyer valencia

Labor lawyer Valencia

Labor and Social Security Law is a branch of lawIn addition to being complex, it is extremely changing. The Valencia labor lawyer must be constantly training and updating himself. The continuous legislative reforms resulting from the unstable Spanish labor market require expert lawyers, constantly updated and with extensive experience that makes it possible to provide a solution to each of the problems of each of our clients. Thus, in our Firm, Arranz Abogados study all the legal possibilities of each case, looking for every legal loophole for the satisfactory defense of our clients.

Within the seriousness that governs this office, the estimates of our lawyer service that they make in a personal and individualized manner to clients will be definitive. Therefore, they do not include concepts and items other than those that are minuted, so you will be sure of how much the process will cost, without any surprises at the end of the procedure, offering you financing possibilities according to your economic situation.

You can get in Contact us through different means, by e-mail, by telephone or by appointment at our office, located at Avenida Doctor Waksman 33-7 in Valencia. Do not hesitate, if you require the services of a Valencia labor lawyer, come to Inform yourself at Arranz Abogados without obligation, you will appreciate it.

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