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At Arranz Abogados, we offer a wide range of legal services designed to cover all your needs. Our experience covers various areas of law, ensuring that you can have a comprehensive and professional legal team at your side.


Administrative law


  • Replacement and appeal resources in general against traffic, alcohol, tax, and more penalties.
  • Social security sanctions.
  • Sanctions on hospitality and business establishments.
  • Administrative sanctioning law (Infringements and administrative sanctions).


  • Processing of licenses and administrative and judicial appeals against their denial.
  • Opening license for activities not classified as annoying, unhealthy, harmful and dangerous.
  • Opening license for activities qualified in the regulation of annoying, unhealthy, harmful and dangerous activities.
  • Minor and Major Works Licenses.
  • Premises or establishment Conditioning License.

Claim for Injuries and Damage Caused by the Administration

  • Compensation for financial liability of the Public Administration.
  • Claims for falls on public roads, medical malpractice, and regulatory changes.

Town Councils, Autonomous and State Organizations

  • Processing of administrative and judicial appeals against government entities.
  • Claims and defense before the administration.
  • Urban law, expropriations, and matters related to officials.
  • Sanctioning files, ruin files, and pension applications.
  • Judicial claims against Social Security.
  • Contentious-administrative resources in any area described

Civil law

The family

  • Separations and divorces, both by mutual agreement and judicial.
  • Liquidation of community property companies.
  • Modification of measures, custody, alimony, and more.
  • Shared custody.

Real estate law

  • Drafting of rental and sale contracts.
  • Deposit and eviction contracts.
  • Advice to communities of owners.
  • Requirements for tenants and landlords.
  • Claims to neighbors for overdue and unpaid rents.
  • Challenge of agreements of the Boards of Owners.
  • Demands for cessation of activities that are annoying or prohibited by statute.
  • Real estate sales.

Damage Claim

  • Obligations and contracts.
  • Compensation claims.
  • Negotiation with insurance companies.
  • Claim for medical negligence.
  • Claims in traffic accidents.
  • Claiming commercial and mortgage debts.
  • Extrajudicial claims for amounts and before the Courts.
  • Mortgage foreclosures.


Conflicts between individuals can be complicated. At Arranz Abogados, we offer mediation services as an effective and confidential solution to resolve disputes. Our impartial and neutral mediators help disputing parties reach an agreement using communication, thus avoiding the costs and inconvenience of a court procedure.

Criminal law

  • Defense in cases of crimes or misdemeanors.
  • Injury cases.
  • Minor procedures.
  • Crimes against traffic safety.

Medical Advice

In our office, we have qualified professionals in the medical field to advise you in cases of medical liability. We are specialized in preparing possible legal proceedings related to medical liability, ensuring that you are perfectly advised.