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Financial entities have received a hard blow since the supreme court issued the ruling on the nullity of the floor clauses. The harsh economic crisis was undoubtedly an ideal context for banks to profit through infractions like this. The floor clauses, known as mortgage floor, are a clear example. For this reason, Valencia ground clause lawyers are mobilizing to help the victims of this abuse.

Do you check your mortgage? Has your mortgage payment not decreased since 2009? It could be a clear case of a floor clause and you are unaware of it. But... do you know what the floor clause consists of? You should be aware that it is a banking scam and in expert hands, you have a chance to fix it. At Arranz, Valencia floor clause lawyers, we are willing to advise you so that you end up winning this battle.

First we must document ourselves: what does the floor clause consist of?

If you are familiar with financial technicalities, the floor clause is known as the “limitation of variability.” It happens when market interest rates, which are given by the Euribor, are cheaper than your mortgage payment.

Colloquially understood, we are talking about a fixed price that does not respect the variability of the Euribor. Therefore, those affected by this limitation have seen how the interest arising from the Euribor sum was much lower than the mortgage floor that they paid to the bank. That is to say, there is a reduction caused by market fluctuations that the mortgagee did not take advantage of and, therefore, the bank profited.

What is the reason for the floor clause?

Fundamentally to the crisis. The economy is not fixed, it fluctuates. The economic recession has led to lows that no one anticipated. Financial entities knew how to play this trick to benefit by using limitations on these decreases, although these were occurring in such a way that they became lower than said limit. A masterful move to charge more to the mortgagee.

What I can do?

Claim. The Supreme Court has decreed the nullity of the floor clauses. Before, those who dared to stand up to the large financial entities did not have a ruling as favorable as that of the Supreme Court. Are you going to allow your bank to continue benefiting at your expense? At Arranz we advise all victims of this abuse to put themselves in the hands of Valencia floor clause lawyers.

Find out if your mortgage is affected by the floor clause

The latest data put the number of mortgages affected by floor clauses in Spain alone at four million. An absolutely huge number. In fact, in Valencia there are approximately 250,000.
Your mortgage could be one, so it is important that you know how to identify if your mortgage is truly infected or not. To do this you must resort to the deed of the bank loan. It may be a clear case of a floor clause if its headings include terms such as: variable interest, limit of variability or limits on the application of variable interest.

How do I claim?

Our advice is obvious, go to professionals. At Arranz we have Valencia ground clause lawyers who are very qualified to defend your case. We will exploit all possible avenues. We will request a cancellation from the bank and, if this does not occur, we will go to court.
Only professionals like those at Arranz Abogados are capable of dealing with these cases since we know the process perfectly. In addition, we provide close treatment to our clients, advising them at all times and informing them of the real situation at all times.

In fact, if you know exactly that your mortgage is affected by the floor clause and you want to know approximately the money you have overpaid, you can do so by consulting this link: Remember that these are always data approximate.

Are you a victim of the floor clause? Now is your time

Without a doubt, it is now that you have everything in your favor to put an end to this fraud. Only with good advice and surrounding yourself with good professionals will you achieve success in your claim.
At Arranz Abogados, Valencia land clause lawyers, we are at your service. Our experience and complete knowledge of the process guarantee a professional service. Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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