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Medical Malpractice Cases

If we resort to the definition provided by the Royal Spanish Academy, it is understood the word negligence as “lack of care”, or what is the same, carelessness. In many cases, this lack of attention can mean a risk for the person themselves or for third parties. These are, for example, medical negligence. Cases like these can be fatal since they can lead to the death of the patient as a result of the professional's error.
There are many cases of medical negligence in Spain to date. In this article we will point out the most common ones, but first let's define what medical negligence is.

What is medical negligence?

It is a bad practice performed by the health professional. They are usually due to the fact of deviating from the common standards accepted by the medical community that end up causing medical negligence. Cases such as not complying with technical standards or simply not conforming to medical parameters lead to the cause of injuries to patients who, depending on the magnitude, can cause irreparable damage and even death.

Many can become factors that lead a medical professional to cause medical negligence. Cases such as recklessness, lack of diligence or simply lack of expertise can occur due to stress, a risk situation that requires risky decisions or, simply, the professional's recklessness.
In this sense, committing cases of medical negligence in Spain Not only will it affect the executor, but also the team that works or is in contact with him will be responsible for medical negligence. Cases such as operations, cures and other procedures are some of the examples.

Below we point out the main cases that usually occur in this type of infractions.

Medical malpractice cases

Main cases of medical negligence in Spain

There are multiple factors that can cause medical negligence to occur. Cases such as incompetence are the most common. It may occur due to lack of knowledge or skill of the professional. For example, it usually happens in the case of still new professionals who have just finished their degree and their lack of training can cause errors. It may also be the case that the professional has little skill and, for whatever reason, must perform a procedure to which he or she is not accustomed.

In terms of medical negligence, cases such as recklessness are very present. Not taking appropriate measures, taking more risks than necessary or being overconfident can lead the professional to commit recklessness that can be fatal.

Medical malpractice cases

On the other hand, omitting information to patients about their situation, the procedures to be taken or the risks and alternatives that exist also represent clear negligence. Cases such as those mentioned imply that the patient does not know his clinical situation and cannot make the correct decisions.
Other cases of medical negligence in Spain can be the poor prescription of medications. It happens when a patient has an illness and the doctor proceeds to administer inappropriate or contradictory drugs. Also cases of errors in surgical interventions involve negligence caused by elements beyond the control of professionals or simply the result of human error.

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